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Grassroots and volunteer-powered, OFDC invests in people. All focus areas are village collaborative and culturally sensitive; meaning we listen to the local communities to learn what they need and have them share in the project's costs. Our dedicated, skilled, and heart-felt volunteers from both sides of the ocean learn from each other and work hard to have the largest impact possible.

Your donation to OFDC empowers women through training and informative lessons. Your donation educates children through school sponsorship, the giving of school uniforms, and the construction of school desks. Your donation enhances health for all with disease prevention information sessions and the building of water wells, rainwater catchments, and latrines.

Efficient and diligent stewards of your donated dollars, OFDC concentrates on what really matters: long term solutions to locally identified problems. Past country projects include Bolivia, Guatemala, Malawi, and Nepal. Now focusing on remote areas of Kenya, your donation continues to actuate sustainability, self-reliance, and human achievement.

Our community involved solutions to end poverty are funded through donations from big-hearted people like you and grants from various foundations. All projects require that the local community provide 20% of the project's cost. This gives the community a sense of self-reliance and ownership for each project completed.

We strive to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to better their lives. Opportunity is everything in this world.

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Our Mission

Empower Women

We believe every woman deserves the right for her voice to be heard. Women in developing countries traditionally own no property, have not had the opportunity to go to school, lack basic health knowledge, and are often forced into child marriages. When women are given a voice, through knowledge gained from training and with peer support, things change. Your donation to fund women’s training in basic health and HIV/AIDS awareness, simple business skills, and women’s rights according to Kenyan law the status of women advances in many way: they join in community decision making, their families’ diet and health improves, they have fewer births, and they send their children to school in greater numbers.

Women's Business Training at Entontol village
We are asked to provide simple business training for 4 women's groups with 25 individuals in each group for a total of 100 women at a cost of $7 per attendee. This training, using local female facilitators, will mobilize the women to a better understanding on the use and marketing of their available resources, such as goats, to return a profit. Women give the equivalent of 25 cents each to cover the facilitators' transportation costs. Tea and lunch, and a certificate of completion will be provided to each attendee. Our goal is $700
Funds Raised

Educate Children

We work with schools in rural Kenya that have no access to electricity or running water, and lack basics such as school desks. Children are required to purchase school uniforms and school supplies. These costs inhibit subsistence families from sending their young ones to school. Your OFDC donation purchases school uniforms for children, especially girls and AIDS orphans. Your donation also funds the construction of desks and improvements at rural schools.

Children’s school supply boxes for Entontol Primary School students

Entontol Primary School requests assistance with being able to keep their students’ supplies safe. 247 lockable metal boxes at $6.50 a piece for a total of $1,605 will help keep the supplies secure and safe from any water damage. $200 will cover overhead and project liabilities that may arise. Parents will pay transportation costs of $290 (costs may vary depending on weather and travel conditions). These boxes will carry the student’s text books, pens, pencils, and sanitary towels for girls. The school boxes are made in Kenya thereby putting money into the local economy. Our target is $1,805.

Funds Raised

Enhance Health for All

We believe every human deserves access to basic health needs such as clean water and sanitation. We work in rural areas where these are virtually non existent. Nearly half the world’s child deaths occur in Africa due to malaria, HIV/AIDS, and diarrheal diseases. Your donation funds the dissemination of basic health and HIV/AIDS information to mothers living in rural areas and the building of rainwater catchments, water wells, and latrines at rural schools.

Latrines for Olorupa Primary School

Olorupa Primary School requests 8 latrines be built at a cost of $400 each for a total of $3,200. The local community will contribute 20% by purchasing building supplies and padlocks and providing construction labor. $200 will cover overhead and project liabilities. All materials and labor will be utilized locally to help stimulate the economy. Without latrines, students, especially girls, lack a place of privacy and therefore are less likely to attend school. Our target is $2,760.

Funds Raised

Empower Educate Enhance

Our Work

Tour de Latrine

The equatorial sun feels like a magnifying glass held high overhead. The hand-held GPS reads one degree South, 34 degrees East, and just over 6,000 feet above sea level. I’ve been touring projects across the Narok district of Kenya with the OFDC executive director (my mom), her Kenyan colleague, and a new Peace Corp volunteer. […]

Women’s Group Small Business Skills Training

4 women’s groups with 25 individuals each attended a small business training seminar on April 25th. This seminar was geared towards the utilization of local resources. This included mobilization, management, and marketing resources to best fit their needs. The seminars were taught by local facilitators and each woman that attended received tea, lunch, and a […]

Osupuko-Oirobi Primary School Improvements

Osupuko-Oirobi Primary School requested 7 desks ($75 each) and 7 chairs ($40 each) for their head teachers; and 10 ECDE (Early Childhood Development Education) tables ($30 each) and 20 ECDE benches ($20 each) for the students; as well as 1 office cabinet ($200) combining for a total of $1,705. The local community was tasked with […]

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Tour de Latrine

The equatorial sun feels like a magnifying glass held high overhead. The hand-held GPS reads one degree South, 34 degrees East, and just over 6,000 feet above sea level. I’ve been touring projects across the Narok district of Kenya with the OFDC executive director (my mom), her Kenyan colleague, and a new Peace Corp volunteer. […]

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