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101 Mosquito Nets

Mosquito nets covering the children's bunks at Tumaini Mission Center.

Students from Tumaini Mission Center.

Please enjoy this guest post provided by Laura E. demonstrating the impact of your donations.

Tumaini Mission Center is both a boarding and day school for baby class through class 8, and serves as a home for 101 orphaned children in Nakuru, Kenya.  Nakuru is nestled in the heart of the Rift Valley, and the burden of disease from malaria is extremely high, particularly among children.  The morbidity rates significantly increase during the rainy season, when mosquito breeding is at its peak.  The children at Tumaini (which means “hope” in Swahili) have never had mosquito nets, and, with several broken dormitory windows, have been completely exposed to mosquitoes with zero protection.  Every year, dozens of students contract malaria, causing them to miss class and fall behind in their studies.  Additionally, this illness consumes precious monetary resources as the school fronts the cost for doctor’s visits, medication, and fuel for transport.

Just on the brink of the rainy season, Tumaini received a generous donation of 101 mosquito nets from O.F.D.C.  The nets have been fitted to cover two children in a single bunk bed, offering protection to all of the boarding students.  Pupils in classes 4 through 8 attend a weekly health class after school, and a recent lesson about malaria included demonstrations for how to properly care for the new nets.  The dorm matrons have also been taught the importance of proper net use, and will continually monitor the students in their nets.  Everyone at Tumaini Mission Center expresses sincere gratitude to O.F.D.C. for the mosquito nets, a crucial element of malaria prevention.

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