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2020 Project Inspection Trip

Post One

We started 2020 off with OFDC’s executive director, Dalton Wilson, visiting Kenya to inspect all the most recent completed projects. The first project that was visited was the 80 newly completed desks at Kamathatha Primary School. This school requested this because prior, they did not have enough desks for their students and were having to cram 4 or 5 students on 1 single desk. Dalton traveled about 30 minutes on a dirt road via  motorcycle to get access to this school, passing lots of wildlife like zebras on the way there. Once at the school the administration welcomed OFDC with open arms and generously provided a meal of porridge, chapati, and tea. The completion of this project meant a lot to this school, for now the students have a more comfortable learning environment and can focus on their schooling. The project was completed using local supplies and labor and was 20% funded by the local community in the area.

The next stop was to the Baraka Agricultural College (BAC) where OFDC is perusing a partnership with the institution to empower communities through resource management and agricultural practices. The BAC has a very established campus and has a lot of experience working with rural communities to increase their capacity in agricultural practices. The meeting went extremely well and Dalton was given a tour of their campus to see their facilities and areas of expertise. OFDC is looking forward to the future partnership with the Baraka Agricultural College.

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