Thank You For Your Support

As stewards of your donation, OFDC is passionate about ensuring your contribution goes towards the purpose in which it was given. OFDC is an established 501(c)3 organization and your donation is fully tax deductible. Funds will be distributed to fulfill what is needed most.

If you would like to send your donation via mail, please send to:

7720 S. Brighton Way
Salt Lake City, UT
84121 USA

Please explore below to see how your donation will Empower Women, Educate Children, and Enhance Health for All.

Empower Women

The OFDC believes every woman deserves the right for her voice to be heard. Women in developing countries traditionally own no property, have not had the opportunity to go to school, lack basic health knowledge, and are often forced into child marriages.

When women are given a voice, through knowledge gained from training and with peer support, things change. The status of women advances, women join in community decision making, their families' diet and health improves, they have fewer births, and they send their children to school in greater numbers.

Your OFDC donation sponsors women's training, creating a forum for solidarity and strength, giving women a voice. Classes are taught by local instructors in basic health and HIV/AIDS awareness, simple business skills, and women's rights according to Kenyan law.

  • $100 funds training for 25 women who will receive tea and lunch, and a certificate of completion.
  • Your donation covers the cost of the training session and the attendee's pay the transportation costs of the seminar's instructors.

Educate Children

The OFDC works with schools in rural Kenya that have no access to electricity or running water and lack the basics such as school desks. We work to give each student the opportunity to learn in a safe and comfortable environment.

Children are required to purchase school uniforms and school supplies. This inhibits subsistence families from sending their young ones to school.

Your donation ensures impoverished children have the opportunity of education.

  • $30 purchases 1 uniform and a pullover for a primary school student which gives a child the opportunity to attend school.
  • $40 pays a fundi, a local expert, to build 1 school desk so a child can sit comfortably and concentrate on his or her studies.
  • Your donation covers 80% of the project's costs leaving the remainder for local communities to cover like purchasing the shoes for the school uniform.

Enhance Health for All

The OFDC believes every human deserves access to basic health needs such as clean water and sanitation. Rural schools often do not have access to either. This is especially a hardship for girls who often miss school during their menstrual cycle due to the lack of water and the lack of a latrine for privacy.

Your donation goes towards rainwater catchments, water wells, and latrines.

Nearly half of the world’s child deaths occur in Africa due to malaria, HIV/AIDS, and diarrheal diseases. Many of these life threatening diseases can be prevented with the proper knowledge.

Your donation provides basic health and HIV/AIDS workshops to rural women. Workshops include tea and lunch, and are taught by local instructors who speak the tribal tongue.

  • $100 trains 20 women in basic health.
  • $400 builds 1 latrine, done in a set of 4-6, constructed by local experts.
  • $1,000 builds a rainwater catchment.
  • $1,500 builds 1 80′ foot deep water well.
  • Your donation covers 80% of the project with the remaining portion being covered by local communities ranging from transpiration, labor, and/or supplies.