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Read below how your donation touches the lives of impoverished women & children. Thank you!

Empower Women

$50 - Train 10 women
When women have knowledge, they are given a voice. Classes are taught to rural women, many who are illiterate, by Kenyan experts in basic health, HIV/AIDS awareness and women's rights under Kenyan law. Women are given tea, lunch and a certificate of completion. Classes are taught by local experts. You empower women when you donate.

$__ Village Savings and Loan (VSL)
Women's groups in rural communities qualify for OFDC VSL start-up funds once they have elected officers, established bylaws and agreed on Poverty Alleviating Steps. With the small 'push' they receive from your donation, women are able to run their village savings and loan program.

Educate Children

$30 - Give one school desk
In many rural schools, children have no desk or sit up to 4 to a desk. Your gift helps create a healthy learning environment. Desks are made by local carpenters, which stimulates the local economy.

$30 - Educate 1 child
Purchase 2 mandatory school uniforms, pullover and underwear for a primary school child, who without the uniform is not allowed to attend school in Kenya. When girls are in school they are less likely to be circumcised (FGM) and forced into child marriages. Uniforms are sewn by local seamstresses, paid with your donation, which stimulates the local economy.

Enhance Health for All

$100 - Protect 40 children from malaria
Purchase 15 tear-proof, pre-treated mosquito nets and protect approximately 40 children (2 - 3 children sleep under one net) from deadly, malaria-carrying mosquitoes. The nets are non-tear, pre-treated with organic insecticide and manufactured in Kenya. Your donation stimulates the local economy.

$300 - 1 latrine gives sanitation to 60 children
Purchase building materials for one latrine stall at a rural school. Your donation covers 80% of the cost of materials, the community provides the remaining 20% and parents provide the unskilled labor. Thus you and the community are owners of the project. Latrines are built in groups of 4 - 6 and constructed by local experts, thus simulating the local economy.

$600 - 1 water well gives clean water to 600 children
Purchase building materials for one school water well or cover two thirds the cost of a school water-catchment system. Your donation provides 80% of the cost of materials, the community provides the remaining 20% and parents provide the unskilled labor. Water projects are constructed by local experts. Collaboration with your donation!

We are effecient and diligent stewards of your donated dollars. Because we are volunteer-powered over 90% of your donation goes directly to permanent improvements to the lives of Kenyans in need.

Throughout the year detailed expenditure reports with receipts and photos are emailed stateside for board review. In addition, an on-the-ground visit is made each year to inspect the community work performed with your donated dollars.
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Your donation goes far in Kenya. Any size donation makes a difference!

Funds may be allocated by need.

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