Educate Children

OFDC believes every child deserves the right to an education.

For many children in the developing world, school is only a dream. This is especially true for girls who are generally the last ones allowed to attend school and often forced into child marriage. Sometimes, just the cost of a mandatory school uniform and school supplies keep children from attending school.

In Kenya’s Masai Mara, children who do go to school must walk long distances, with only a single bowl of milk to last them through the school day. However, the children are eager to learn, and are more than willing to endure these obstacles.

Your OFDC donation purchases school uniforms for children and sponsors students, mainly girls and AIDS orphans, through their secondary education. Your donation also funds the construction of desks and improvements at rural schools. All projects are 20% funded by the local community.

Locally made desks for Osupuko Oirobi primary school.
Faith, a student sponsored by OFDC donors, standing in front of St Mary's Secondary School library.

Your Donation Since 1999

  • 4,576 scholarships and uniforms, sewn locally, given to impoverished students.
  • 1,653 desks and building improvements provided to 65 rural schools.
Locally sewn school uniforms are given to impoverished children, especially girls, so they can attend school.