Enhance Health for All
OFDC believes every human deserves the right to basic health needs such as sanitation and clean water. Healthcare in developing countries is virtually nonexistent. Nearly half the world's child deaths occur in Africa due to malaria, HIV/AIDS, and diarrheal diseases.

Your OFDC donation purchases supplies to build latrines, water wells, and rainwater catchments at rural schools. The local community provides 20% of the cost along with the unskilled labor.

Your donation provides basic health workshops to rural women. Workshops include tea and lunch, and are taught by local instructors who speak the tribal tongue.
Boys of Kosika Primary and their head teacher with latrines built by your donations and donations from students' parents.
A women tries out a water well at Olokurto Primary School built by Kenyans and 20% funded by students' parents and 80% funded by OFDC donors.

Your Donation Since 1999

  • 8,210 women trained in general and reproductive health, HIV/AIDS awareness, women's rights under Kenyan law, and simple business skills.
  • 5,200 mosquito nets distributed to protect sleeping children from malaria-carrying mosquitoes (2 to 4 children share one net).
  • 3,400 ill children received medication and avoided potential child death.
  • 274 rural school latrines built.
  • 98 rainwater catchments and wells dug for rural schools.
  • 52 remote rural clinics and schools, with no electricity or running water, received basic medical supplies.
Girls and the head teacher of Kosika Primary with latrines built by your donation and donations from students' parents.