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Giving Naomi a Reason to Live

Due to your continued support, OFDC is able to sponsor Naomi (age 15) in secondary school. Naomi, who contracted HIV at the age of ten while caring for her dying mother, is determined to get an education against all odds. She will be attending Mugumo High School. OFDC specifically chose this boarding school for Naomi because it is located near a hospital. Not only will Naomi be getting the education she so desperately desires, but she will also have better access to medical care. Naomi has very little family support, and sadly, the family she does have refuse to assist with her education stating they believe it would be a waste of resources. OFDC clearly believes otherwise, and we know you do too. Patrick, our Kenyan Administrator, who has been working tirelessly to help Naomi says, “Thanks a million times for giving her a reason to live. She will be so happy when I give her the news!”

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