Mosquito nets, latrines, and water wells & catchments

Nepali mother and child

OFDC believes every human deserves the right to basic health needs such as sanitation and clean water.

Health care in developing countries is virtually nonexistent. Nearly half the world's child death occur in Africa due to malaria, AIDS and diarrheal diseases.

Girl getting clean water Your OFDC donation purchases supplies to build latrines, water wells and catchments for rural schools. Parents provide 20% of the building cost in the form of unskilled labor. This creates a sense of of pride and ownership.

Now, because of your donation, children have sanitation and clean water. Asante sana, thank you.

In developing countries:
  • one-fifth of children will die by the age of five
  • many illnesses which were eradicated years ago in the developed world, such as malaria and typhoid, still claim millions of lives
  • most births are unattended by a doctor and prenatal care is minimal or non-existent
War, famine, lack of quality medical facilities, shame and secrecy have fueled epidemics in many poor countries. Rural areas are especially susceptible.

Your donation Enhancing Health for All since 1999:

  • 52 remote, rural clinics and schools with no electricity or running water received basic medical supplies.
  • 65 rain water catchments and wells built.
  • 244 latrines built.
  • 3,400 children ill with malaria received malaria medication and avoided potential child death.
  • 5,200 mosquito nets distributed to protect sleeping children from malaria-carrying mosquitoes (2 to 4 children share one net).
  • 7,950 women trained in general and reproductive health, HIV/AIDS awareness, women's rights under Kenyan law and simple business practices.
  • All projects are a collaboration of 80% OFDC donor funds and 20% coming from the village in the form of unskilled labor.
  • The value of sanitation and clean water continues to increase among villagers due to your donation.

  • Latrines, Katakara Primary School

    Water well, Olokirikirai Primary School

    Water catchment, Ereteti Primary School

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