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A Place To Call Home

Thanks to both the generosity of OFDC supporters and the efforts of parents with children attending Enkaroni Primary, who raised half of the project's costs, head teachers will now have a home on school grounds, thereby increasing educational opportunities for students.  Teachers in Kenya are generally stationed far from their family homes, as is the case for current head teacher, Joseph Nyambane, whose home is several hours away by matatu (traditional Kenyan transport via small, crowded mini van) from Enkaroni Primary.  Prior to moving onto school grounds, Joseph was traveling by piki piki (motorbike) back and forth between school and the room he rented— over a 30-minute commute each direction weather permitting.  Joseph reports that he now spends less time traveling over difficult, dusty roads and more time at school, “You have really made my work easy and comfortable and this will make me efficient on delivering my services to the school. Thank you once again.”

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