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Kenya Trip 2009: Part Two

Koiyaki Guiding School
GPS: 1 degree South, 24.426 and 35 degrees East 20.532

After a long and bumpy ride from Narok into the Mara, we met up with Simon and Agnes Nkoitoi and journeyed to the Koiyaki Guiding School. We spent a few days visiting with Maasai students studying to become safari guides, learning more about Maasai culture and admiring the local wildlife.

Elephants are regular visitors to the area surrounding the Koiyaki Guiding School. Contrary to popular belief, elephants are very fierce and dangerous!


Olpukoti Primary School
GPS: 0 degrees South, 54.193 and 35 degrees East, 36.756.

We traveled with Simon to his shamba (farm) in Melelo, located in the hills north of Narok. While there we visited Olpukoti, the primary school where Agnes works as a teacher.

Every year OFDC provides 40 Olpukoti students with new uniforms and underwear. Uniforms are required to attend school and, thanks to your donations, these children can continue their education!
*Agnes is in the back row, far left.

Narok AIDS Clinic

Back in Narok, we visited a woman named Lucy, a clinical counselor working at an AIDS clinic.

Lucy kindly has assisted OFDC by teaching 4 women’s training seminars. The 1,050 Maasai women who attended benefited from her knowledge and the fact that she is a woman. It is a rare opportunity for them to receive answers to important questions, as they are too afraid to ask the men.

Enkusero Primary School

GPS: 0 degrees South, 30.344 and 35 degrees East, 47.350

Enkusero Primary School is a small school in the rural rolling hills of the Interior. The community is very poor and the school has many needs.

This latrine was funded by YOUR donations! Clean latrines are necessary to keep children, especially girls, in school. They no longer have to fear the boys peeking at them!