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Kenya Votes

On March 4th, Kenyans will be voting in what many believe is the most important election in the country’s history. This will be the first general election since December of 2007, which resulted in over 1,500 deaths and close to 150,000 living in refugee camps. As you can imagine, friends of OFDC in Kenya are both excited and nervous for tomorrow’s election. Simon Nkoitoi, OFDC Advisory Board Member, recently emailed that “there is so much confusion that many illiterate people in the community might not vote wisely due to the large number of positions to be filled, unlike previously where people would only elect 3 positions…this time round people have to elect the President, Governor, Senator, Women’s representative, member of parliament, and Councillor. This is what we are educating people to understand.”

According to Amina Mohamed, OFDC Overseas Administrator, schools in Kenya have been closed for almost two weeks because they will be used as polling stations and most of the head teachers have been away receiving special training to preside over the polling stations in their schools. All of us at OFDC hope for a peaceful election process, and regardless of the chosen winners, we look forward to continuing our mission to educate children, empower women, and provide healthcare to all.

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