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Latrines For Enkusero Primary School

Project Status: Complete

Funds Provided By OFDC: $2,163.51

Funds Provided By The Local Community: $893

Enkusero Primary School has 465 students seeing an increase in enrollment of 265 students from the previous year. They currently only have 2 latrines that were constructed in 2001 and are now filled up. The children are very eager to learn and when given a comfortable environment, they become very motivated. Girls especially, who often miss weeks of school due to their menstrual cycles, benefit from latrines because they provide a place of privacy so they can stay in school.

The total number of latrines constructed is 14, 8 girls and 6 boys. During the project the school region received heavy rains and made the transportation of materials extremely difficult which increased the project’s cost. OFDC covered 80% of the total project’s cost and the local community contributed the other 20%. The project was facilitated by Simon Kirapesh, who is the head teacher of Enkusero Primary. The project has been fully completed thanks to his oversight and the hard work and generosity of the local Kenyan community and our thoughtful donors. Past projects at this school include a water well, latrines, school uniforms, teacher desks, and a kitchen garden.

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