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Lerai Primary School Desks

Project Status: Complete
Funds Provided by OFDC: $1,765
Funds Provided by the Local Community: $441

Lerai Primary School requested assistance constructing 50 desks, 7 tables, 10 chairs, 4 dining tables, and 6 benches. Lerai has a total of 195 enrolled students and 5 teachers. Enrollment has increased by 103 students from last year. During OFDC’s annual project inspection trip, OFDC’s Executive Director visited this school and saw first hand that there wasn’t nearly enough desks to accommodate all the students and faculty.

Classroom and lunch room prior to OFDC completing the desk project.

School desks are essential to create a efficiant learning experience. Providing students with a comfortable environment to learn gives them the ability to focus on their studies and increases their chances of future success. Education is essential to break the cycle of poverty because it opens up opportunities for people to better themselves and their communities.

This project was facilitated by Joseph Naymabane, head teacher at Lerai Primary School. The local community contributed 20% of the project’s cost which is a requirement for all OFDC projects. All of OFDC’s projects focus on community partnership and development. This reinforces the prinicple of self-reliance and human achievement. We’d like to thank all of our supporters and the local Kenyan community who made this project possible.

Students can now focus on their studies and learn in a more comfortable environment.

Completed school furniture thanks to the local community and OFDC supporters.

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