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Metal School Book Boxes For Entontol Primary

Project Status: Completed

Funds Provided By OFDC: $1,605

Funds Provided By The Local Community: $320

Entontol Primary School requested 247 metal book boxes to help students keep their supplies locked up and safe from the elements. Girls can now keep their sanitary napkins clean and dry while attending school. These boxes were constructed using local labor and supplies thus adding to the economy of Kenya and creating work for the local population. The community contributed its 20% by paying for the transportation costs to the school as well as purchasing padlocks for the boxes. Entontol Primary is very far from a tarmac road, which makes transporting these boxes very difficult. If rains come, the roads can become impossible to use for days at a time.

This project was overseen by Simon Ndirangu, head teacher of Entontol Primary. Simon has facilitated many projects for OFDC and has always been an excellent coordinator during the project’s development. The boxes were distributed to the students on September 20th, OFDC’s founder, Nia Sherar, and Executive director, Dalton Wilson, were in Kenya doing OFDC’s annual project inspection during this time and were able to inspect the boxes and oversee the distribution. The children were extremely grateful for the gift made possible by the local community and OFDC donors.

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