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New School Desks Provide Cause for Celebration at Ololoiboti Primary School

According to an email from Patrick, “Some of the parents and the school head came in the tractor to receive the desks…They were so happy and as you can see they were overjoyed to receive the desks.”

The parents also helped load the desks into the tractor trailer!

Thanks to a generous donation by the Marusi Family Foundation the children at Ololoiboti Primary School now have 50 brand new school desks! Ololoiboti Primary School is situated on a hill top in a small, remote farming community. Transportation, other than by tractor, is non-existent because there are no roads for vehicles to travel, only footpaths. Due to the hard work and dedication of the parents, who spent one week working tirelessly to repair the only bridge by which to access the school, OFDC was able to successfully deliver the desks via tractor. While the desks are clearly an instrumental starting point, it is the community involvement in this project that will leave a lasting impression. If they were not before, these parents are now directly invested in the education of their children. In turn, the children will sit at these desks with pride and strive to do well not just because of OFDC and your donation, but also because of their parents. Please see the photos below courtesy of Patrick Ngigi, one of OFDC’s amazing volunteer overseas administrators!

The desks are loaded, the bridge is repaired, and the children are eager to sit down and learn.

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