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OFDC Projects in Action

Is my donation being put to good use? This is a universal question of all donors, and especially of those donating to organizations working in less developed countries, wherein accountability standards often differ from what we expect in the United States. At OFDC, we strive to ensure that each and every gift is truly making a difference. We require thorough proposals, status updates, and final reports. Funds are not released until requirements are met. In addition, we travel to Kenya annually to verify the progress and completion of OFDC projects, as well as to identify ways to improve.

Yes, your donation to OFDC is being put to good use. Because OFDC is volunteer-powered, more than 95 % of your donation dollar goes directly to improving the lives of impoverished women and children living in rural Kenya. The photos below are just a few examples from a recent trip by Nia Sherar, OFDC Founder/Chair, of OFDC projects in action:

Naserian villager breaking up rocks for latrine.
Naserian students and OFDC funded latrines.
Naserian students and OFDC funded urinal.

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