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OFDC’s Mission Continues

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One thought on “OFDC’s Mission Continues

  1. Hi Nia
    i do hope that you are well, thankyou so much for all what you are doing to help and support in empowering women, educate children and enhance health for all, this is great opportunities for many underprivillages population for hope, i still thank you so much for the support for the niaever community organization and i cant stop thanking you for the great support you gave to many children , women in my community, , we are working in sustainable agricultural methods to trainning women in permacultural agricultural techniques so that they can help themselves and support their families in the rural village of kitale,, many people still feel benefits from your fruits and happy to see many progress that have been achieved here and wish you could come and visit us again and see our progress, looking forward to seeing hearing from you , kind regards isaac and niaever team kitale

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