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Olpusimoru Table Banking Training Seminar

Project Status: Complete

Funds Provided by OFDC: $1,696.66

Funds Provided by Local Community: $453

Total Attendance:  179 women

In the town of Olpusimoru, OFDC recently held a women’s empowerment training seminar on the topics of:

  • Resource Mobilization
  • Marketing Local Products
  • Management of Resources
  • Domestic Resources and Economic Impact
  • Appropriate Markets
  • Women as Economic Pillars in Family
  • Women and Health (Lifestyle diseases like cancer, fistula, diabetes, HBP etc..)

The financial management and business development topics encompassed a concept called table banking. The table banking concept is designed to give individuals easier access to loans by forming a group that pools their money into a loaning pot that can be loaned to individuals within the group. This gives the group complete control of the loans and the stipulations associated with them. This is particularly beneficial to women as they are often unable to get a loan due to not having any land for collateral as well as the barrier of high interest rates. Table banking allows for a more personal relationship with the distributor and recipient of the loan and also gives the group full control over the interest rates.

Follow ups have been conducted with the groups that attended the training. The feedback we’ve received has been excellent:

  • All groups are participating in table banking
  • All groups could show a steady increase in their groups financial pot
  • Attendees were now actively monitoring their and their families health

There is still a lot of work to be done and after reviewing the data we collected, we determined the greatest needs are in the area of:

  • More frequent trainings
  • Additional training seminars on specific markets
  • Encourage male participation within the trainings and self-help groups
  • Provide access to additional resources, look into payroll technology

We thank you all for the continued support you give OFDC and we are committed to continue our work to empower women, educate children, and enhance health for all.


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