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Osupuko-Oirobi Primary School Improvements

Project Status: Completed

Funds Provided By OFDC: $1,370

Funds Provided By The Local Community: $350

Osupuko-Oirobi requested assistance with the construction of 7 office tables, 7 chairs, 10 early childhood development and education (ECDE) tables, and 20 ECDE benches. Osupuko-Oirboi has an enrollment of 240 students (124 boys, 116 girls) and was in desperate need of more school furniture to provide the students and teachers with a comfortable environment. Giving children tools to improve their education increases their future success and provides opportunities which better their lives, the lives of their families, and their community.

This project was facilitated by Sialo Sekut, head teacher at Osupuko-Oirobi Primary, and was completed on September 13th. The local community contributed their 20% through transporting the supplies to the school. The women did most of the transporting by tying rope to a bundle of wood and supporting the load with the rope going around the top of their head, the women had to do this while walking extremely long distances. Osupuko-Oirobi is high in the Loita Hills and can only be reached via steep and rough dirt roads. This increases the cost of projects because the added difficulty of getting the supplies to the school.

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