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Osupuko-Oirobi Primary School Rainwater Catchment

Project Status: Complete

Funds Provided By OFDC: $1,086

Funds Provided By The Local Community: $271

Osupuko-Oirobi has requested assistance installing a rainwater catchment as well as fencing in two that have already been installed at their school. The water tank has already been purchased and needs to be transported to the school. Once at the school, there will be a platform built, rain gutters installed, and fencing placed around the tank. The fencing ensures that the water isn’t stolen and the use of the water can be managed efficiently. This school is far from a tarmac road and can be impossible to reach during heavy rains. The rainy season is approaching which makes getting this project completed quickly a priority so that the transportation of all the necessary supplies and the water tank can be done as well as having the tank ready to collect water when the rains come. The local community contributes 20% of the project’s cost by covering the transportation of the water tank; purchasing and transporting the sand and cement; and transporting a portion of the fence posts.

Osupuko-Oirobi has an enrollment of 240 students (124 boys and 116 girls). Having another rainwater catchment improves the lives of the students and teachers and also increases the educational experience that the students receive. The students and teachers no longer have to walk extremely long distances to fetch water from the contaminated rivers which hinders educational opportunities and is the cause of many diseases. The children are eager to learn and when given a comfortable environment, their ability to focus on their studies greatly improves.

The project will be facilitated by Sialo Sekut, head teacher of Osupuko-Oirobi. OFDC just finished a teacher and student desk project with Osupuko-Oirobi and Sialo did an excellent job at reporting to OFDC, ensuring the project was completed fully, and that OFDC’s donor dollars were spent for the purpose in which they were intended.

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