OFDC Overseas Administrators

Rural School
Head Teachers
Narok North and South, Kenya

Qualifications and Experience:

OFDC conducts due diligence in vetting rural school head teachers with whom we work to ensure your donation reaches those most in need. For accountability, we require receipts, reconciliation and photos before we disburse funds for additional school projects.

With your donation, head teachers pay local tailors to sew uniforms which are given to impoverished and orphaned children so they can go to school like others. Head teachers oversee construction of toilets at local schools so children have access to sanitation and girls stay in school. As always, the communities must raise 20% of the costs of toilet and water projects before your OFDC donation is put to work. Desks are also made locally and donated to schools where as many as 5 children sit at one desk. Here, too, the parents provide 20% of the costs before your OFDC donation kicks in with the remainder. Rain water catchment projects bring clean water to school children (20% of funding coming from the parents).

Head teachers are proud to tell you they are "learned" people, having competed teachers' college and some even working on their Masters degree. They request teaching jobs in the rural areas in which they were raised, south of Narok and towards the Tanzanian border or to the north in the interior bush. They keep up with technology by traveling to Narok during their school break and learning computer skills at cyber cafes. Electricity is not to be found in many of these hard to reach rural areas.

Head teachers partner with area Advisory Councils. One role of Advisory Councils is to rescue young girls in danger of forced circimcision (FGM) and child marriage, and to keep girls in school. This is above and beyond their head teacher responsibilities.

These areas have many AIDS orphans and poverty is endemic due to the the dry and drought-prone climate to the south and bush area of the north.

Agnes Nkoitoi
Educate Children
Melelo, Kenya

Qualifications and Experience:

Agnes was to be married off at the age of 13. She protested but had no voice. Miraculously Agnes found a sponsor so that she could continue her education. At Maasai Girls High School, she was made school prefect (school leader). Agnes received her diploma from Mosoriot Teachers' College. She is now a Senior Teacher at Olpukoti Primary School. She is married with 5 boys.

Agnes is very grateful for your donations, received through OFDC, so that she can send girls to school who otherwise would be circumcised (FGM) and married off at an early age. She reports that with these funds she is able to purchase undergarments for girls who have never had them. "Now," she writes, "these children can play freely and be like the other children. Asante sana (thank you)."



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