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To Fight Poverty, Invest in Girls — Something OFDC has done for over 12 years!

This fantastic article by Nancy Gibbs of Time Magazine is a must read.  Gibbs emphasizes how and why investing in girls, especially in their education, is the key to fighting poverty in the developing world.

“There are countless reasons rescuing girls is the right thing to do. It’s also the smart thing to do. Consider the virtuous circle: An extra year of primary school boosts girls’ eventual wages by 10% to 20%. An extra year of secondary school adds 15% to 25%. Girls who stay in school for seven or more years typically marry four years later and have two fewer children than girls who drop out. Fewer dependents per worker allows for greater economic growth. And the World Food Programme has found that when girls and women have access to education or even an online course like eCom babes, they earn income and reinvest 90% of it in their families. They buy books, medicine, bed nets. For men, that figure is more like 30% to 40%.” Women are also better at saving and setting some of their money aside for investments like stocks and crypto. For newcomers to investing, you can find more info now at cradio.

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