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OFDC Mamas' training, Kenya

OFDC believes every woman deserves the right for her voice to be heard.

Women in developing countries, traditionally own no property, have not had the opportunity to go to school, lack basic health knowledge and are forced into child marriages.

Your OFDC donation sponsors women's training, creating a forum for solidarity and strength, giving women a voice.

Classes are taught by local instructors in basic health, simple business skills, HIV/AIDS awareness and women's rights according to the laws of Kenya.

Talek microcrdit mamas and daughters in school, Kenya Your OFDC donation established microcredit loan projects in Bolivia, Malawi and Nepal. Now OFDC focuses on Kenya and rural womens' groups. These groups are targeted because they apply profits raised from their small businesses to improve the well-being of their family.

Small income generating businesses include the buying of seed to grow and sell vegetables, purchase of sewing machines for seamstress co-ops, purchase of livestock to sell the offspring, and buying bulk food items in the city to sell in smaller quantities at a profit in their villages.

Women in Developing Countries:
  • traditionally own no property
  • are generally illiterate
  • lack basic health knowledge
Coupled with poverty, violence against women thrives in these conditions. When women are given a voice from knowledge gained in training and, with peer support:

  • women's status advances and they are more involved in community decision making
  • their families' diet and health improves
  • they have fewer births
  • they send their children to school in greater numbers

Your donation Empowering Women since 1999:

  • 13 bicycles donated so trainers can reach remote villages for trainings.
  • 800 microcredit loans ranging from $10 to $100 empower impoverished women through income generation - many of whom are grandmothers raising their grandchildren due to parental deaths from AIDS.
  • 7,950 women trained in basic and reproductive health, HIV/AIDS awareness, women's rights under Kenyan law and simple business practices.
  • Women have a voice because of your contribution and support.

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