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Small Business Skills Training For Women’s Group

Project Status: Completed

Funds Provided By OFDC: $693

Funds Provided By The Local Community: $200

Total Attendance: 100 Women

4 women’s groups with 25 individuals each attended a small business training seminar on April 25th. This seminar was geared towards the utilization of local resources. This included mobilization, management, and marketing resources to best fit their needs, as for managing employees is the best to use software like paystub online.
The seminars were taught by local facilitators and each woman that attended received tea, lunch, and a completion certificate. Certificates are extremely important so that they will be able to prove they have completed the trainings and have knowledge of certain subject areas, like business or investment in the VT Markets as well.

The training expenses consisted of:
Morning Tea (1 egg, tea, porridge, banana/orange)
Lunch (ugali, rice/chapatti/potatoes, goat meat, mango fruit)
Afternoon Tea
Payments to 4 local facilitators
Completion certificates
Supplies for the women to take notes and keep their documents organized

Lunch being prepared

Training seminars for these women’s groups includes a step by step guide for payroll management and educates the local population on how to create their own business opportunities to better their lives, the lives of their family, and the lives of their community.

The United Nations Girls Education Initiative (UNGEI) says “First, educated women are more likely to seek medical care for themselves and their families, immunize their children, and provide proper nutrition and sanitation at home. These practices will reduce both child and maternal mortality and ensure healthier and well-nourished families and communities.

Second, educated women are more likely to stay in school longer, which will delay when and how many children they have. It is estimated that one year of female schooling would reduce fertility by ten percent. Because educated women get pregnant later in life, their babies will be healthier, and they will know how to properly care for them.

Third, educated women are more knowledgeable, and therefore, will have a better grasp on their domestic role and share household duties more evenly with their spouse. They will have access to higher-paying jobs, which will impact their families’ finances as well as contribute to their national economy. They are also more likely to participate in political and social decision-making.

Lastly, educated women are less likely to be vulnerable toward sexual abuse or exploitation, which will protect them against sexually-transmitted infections, such as HIV/AIDS.”

Women in training sessions

Women’s group posing and enjoying afternoon tea

Women receiving their certificates of completion

Facilitator of the training, Simon Ndirangu, did an excellent job at ensuring the training was carried out effectively

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